10 Week Program for students ages 6+!

Sandbox Fitness opened up a 10 week program that will be limited to 10 kids ages 6-9. Starting November 21st, the program will run on Wednesdays at 5:00pm. Their will be no classes December 26th and January 2nd due to the holidays. Sign up today before the class sells out!

This off season offers a rare opportunity to improve your child's athletic abilities. Sandbox Fitness pioneered a fun and flexible program for kids who want to level up their game before the next season starts.

This innovative program allows for each child to go at their own pace while advancing their speed, agility, hand-eye coordination, strength and balance. Parents have reported that their kids developed a greater level of confidence, an increase in mental focus and acuity, and a greater ability to perform their best in critical situations.

Coaches from professional sports leagues on down to organized youth sports, have utilized and recommended Sandbox Fitness’ facility and training programs to their players because it offers significant advantages over traditional strength building programs with a much lower risk of injury.

What makes Sandbox Fitness so unique? Sandbox Fitness unleashes the training power of sand, which has been proven to strengthen stabilizer muscles, increase speed, and increase stamina. Trainers are well versed in keeping the experience fun and engaging for today’s youth. This is one training program that your child will not grow tired of.