5 Tips to Triple Your Workout Effectiveness

5 Tips to Triple Your Workout Effectiveness


People tend to invest their energy into their personal fitness around the New Year as a resolution or in preparation for their summer wardrobe as the weather warms up. As we head into the fall and the colder months, it’s actually a great time to dig into your fitness and work on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, all the while, countering those delicious holiday party calories. Don’t miss out on the seasonal fun and pass on every treat –we’re here to help you work smarter not harder.


Use a tracking app


There are many tracking apps on the market that can aid in your specific health goals. Finding the right fitness app, like My Fitness Pal, can help streamline your efforts. Logging your meals into an app may feel a bit tedious, but it can be hard to keep track of just how much you consume in a day, especially when baked goods season is in full force. Not all workouts are created equally, so if you noticed that you had a higher consumption of calories it may be helpful to choose an exercise more aligned with burning calories, like high-intensity interval training, to compensate. Additionally, inputting your workout information in an app allows you to see just how much your workout paid off. Ideally, you should choose an app where both your activity and food intake can be tracked and it’s even easier to balance your caloric burn and intake.


Switch up your workouts


Finding time to exercise can be difficult for some, let alone researching workouts and planning what you’ll do with your time at the gym. Besides tracking calories, fitness apps are a great and easy way to help you work on targeting different areas, providing you with the best exercises for your trouble spots. It’s important to change up the muscle groups and types of workouts you do as well in order to avoid injury. Throughout the week, you’ll need to get a mix of cardio and weight training if you’re going to optimize your time at the gym each week and reach your health and fitness goals. The variety is helpful in keeping your workouts from feeling overly monotonous or from getting stuck in a rut.


Wear the right clothes


A workout is certainly a time to overcome a challenge and push yourself to a new limit. Save your focus and energy for the exercises and make sure you’re wearing quality clothes you feel comfortable in. Burpees are already hard enough, you don’t want yet another reason, like the waist of ill-fitting leggings rolling down with each jump, getting in the way of your perseverance. Everyday leggings aren’t exactly made to stand up to that kind of use, so you may want to invest in proper activewear designed just for this purpose. Consider brands like Lululemon who design their athleticwear with your workouts in mind. Made from lightweight fabrics that dry faster while you exercise, you’ll be able to focus on your workouts rather than your sweaty clothing.This doesn’t have to be a costly endeavor either. With the ability to shop at online consignment stores, you can get your hands on secondhand LuluLemon athleticwear for much cheaper.


Maintain a balanced diet


Your nutrition is a large factor in the ease of your success. If you want your body to perform to the best of its ability, both in general and during your workouts, then you’ll have to fuel your body with the proper foods. Generally, a balanced diet involves one in which you include all of the different food groups within their recommended daily values. Yes, vegetables are good for you, but each food group has nutrients specific to it that play a role in contributing to your ideal health. However, balance goes well beyond just the inclusion of all the necessary food groups. It’s imperative in implementing a mindset that will make healthy choices sustainable. Indulging from time to time is not an end-all in your fitness journey. Finding balance means finding the flexibility to allow a treat from time to time, or the mindfulness to offset the consumption of more calories with more physical activity. You’re far more likely to continue making healthier choices overall if your lifestyle doesn’t feel restrictive.