Resistance Band And Pull Up Bar Workout

It’s time to tone up! For March, our fitness moves include a resistance band and pull up bar workout. We did four exercises – two in the sand with resistance bands and two on the pull bar with the Surfset surfboard. Pullups are a total body killer. Warning you will feel sore for days…but good sore.


Alison Minna Workout Title Card

Try 3 sets of these 4 exercises for 40 seconds each for an awesome quick workout session.

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Pull Up Bar Workout

Chin ups:  Jump up and grab the bar pulling your chin above the bar and slowly lower yourself down, repeat. You can also try this move with a reverse grip and do pull ups.  This is one of the best upper body and core exercises out there. Chin ups and pull ups use muscles in every part of your body. The main muscles worked are back, biceps, and core

Chin up mountain climbers: Jump up as high as you can and hold yourself up while simultaneously kicking your legs without swinging your body. This move works your lower abs but still works the biceps, and lats. One of my all time lower ab exercises, especially if you have low back pain.

Resistance Band Exercises

For the resistance band workout we had the bands connected to the Surfset surfboard in the sand. We attached the bands “surfer” style around our ankles.

Squat with squat twist: This is a basic squat with a twist but with resistance bands around the ankles. The bands make you work harder as you lift the leg. Works your quads, glutes, and obliques.

Spiderman Planks: Get into plank position and bring your right knee to right elbow and left knee to left elbow with a band around your ankles. This move works the shoulders, obliques and lower abs.

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