TRX, Surfset Fitness &, Bands

Our workout this month uses a bit of everything here at Sandbox Fitness. We combined TRXSurfset Fitness, and Perform Better resistance bands for a unique total body workout.

Each month Owner, Minna Herskowitz and Style Expert, Alison Deyette show you their favorite fitness and silly dance moves.


Try each exercise in the video for 40 seconds for a total muscle and cardio burn.


TRX Rows on Steroids: Step on the board one foot at a time, row then jump off and repeat. This move works your upper back, core and gets your heart pumping.

TRX Trciep dips on the Board: Start with one foot bent and the other straight, keep your arms on the inside of the straps and dip slowly, keeping your elbows as close to your body as possible. This dip is not your typical tricep exercise, it will challenge every muscle in your shoulders and core to help you on the way up and down.

Squat jumps: Start by tapping your butt on the board and your hands on the TRX handles. Using mostly your legs jump up land on the board with your feet flat then back to the butt tap, repeat. This move is really challenging because you aren’t using your arms for momentum to help you up.

Band walks: Start with a band around your ankles and walk 3 steps to the right, then back. Make sure your feet stay wide so that there is always tension in the band. This move can be found in most physical therapy routines but do it on the surfset or an unstable surface and your glutes will be screaming.


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Style Expert Alison Deyette is TV + Digital Host and Los Angeles stylist who happens to be a fitness enthusiast as well. She and Minna Herskowitz create short fitness videos for specialty moves each month from Sandbox Fitness.