SandBell Workout

Summer is coming to an end but that doesn’t mean you should stop working on that summer body. Minna, co-owner of Sandbox Fitness, and Alison Deyette, Style Expert, are back with new moves and new outfits from Chill by Will.


For the month of August we decided to focus on exercises using Sandbells by Hyperwear . Sandbells are Kettlebells filled with sand. With sandbells you get all the benefits that you would get with kettlebells, plus more.  Since sandbells are filled with constantly shifting sand, the body is forced to engage more stabilizer muscles than it would with regular kettlebells.

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Watch the video to see our 4 favorite Sandbell moves that we will be doing in classes all month long.


Single Arm Single Leg Rows: Works your upper back and hamstrings. This move is also an amazing balance and core exercise.

Speed Skaters: Works your glutes, core, and is an amazing cardio exercise.

Single Leg Burpee Slams: Works your abs, shoulders, triceps, and legs. You may want to throw-up if you do them fast enough (hence the name).

Squat Throw To Lunge: Your legs will really feel the burn with this move. Plus, the instability of the toss will put those obliques to work.

Try each move for 45 seconds. Repeat 3 times.



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